Counseling / Therapy with an Integrated Approach


An Integrated Counseling Approach

Given the mind-body unity, I work with my clients from a holistic perspective which considers that the issues with which they are working typically affect the whole person (mind, emotions, body, and, if you allow, spirit).

Therefore my Portland counseling practice provides my clients with an integrated therapy approach which blends the variety of therapeutic modalities in which I have been trained.

Therapy Approaches Which Influence My Work

The primary counseling methods in which I have been trained, and which influence my work include the following:

  • Somatic (body-oriented) – A body-oriented doorway to possible change which recognizes that our mental and emotional issues are mirrored in the body. Therefore the body has its place in working with our issues.
  • Existential - An approach which encourages a mature reconciliation with the more difficult, yet inescapable, attributes of human existence which our issues too often evade.
  • Spiritual (transpersonal)- An approach which explores the questions, issues, and challenges which we face as we try to integrate the spiritual dimension of existence with our human experience.

Other therapy modalities in which I have been trained include neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Focusing, meditation / mindfulness, and hypnotherapy.

My counseling approach generally integrates these different ways of working with clients. However, it’s not uncommon that prospective clients may seek me out for work in only one way, i.e. transpersonal.

Note that I have organized my website (see above menu) to provide you with an in-depth discussion of these influences, should you be interested in further information.

Types of Changes My Counseling Clients Seek

The types of changes which my clients typically bring to therapy typically include problems in functioning and in relating to themselves and others.

Also clients often work with me to help them find personal meaning in their lives. Others simply want to find themselves, or become more authentic. I also guide clients to discover their own personal spirituality, and deepen their own spiritual realization. Of course, results may vary from client to client.

by Michael Nagel MA