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Body Oriented Counseling Therapy Influences

Our problems are not just bundles of thoughts. Of course, our problems express themselves also as emotions and patterns of feeling. Yet our problems also express through the body as habits of muscular tension, gestures, and postures.

The body-oriented or “somatic” (“soma” – Greek for body) influence on my Portland therapy practice allows me to work more effectively with my clients on all these levels.

Why? Because being body-oriented, my therapy addresses the whole person: mind, feelings, and body.

Body Oriented Therapy is Based Upon the Mind-Body Unity

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Body oriented therapy is rooted in the unity of the body and the mind. Science tells us that there is not only a cognitive brain, but also an emotional brain.

The emotional brain connects with the body more than the cognitive brain. Therefore it is more easy to access feelings through the body than through talking.

Including attention to the body during therapy enables me to work with a larger variety of counseling techniques than talk-only therapy. Also, I am able to work more directly with the many levels of a client’s problem.

The effectiveness of body oriented therapies to change client’s lives explains why so many body oriented methods have developed. Perhaps you have heard of Somatic Experiencing, Radix, Bioenergetics, or Hakomi. Or perhaps Core Energetics, Alexander technique, Breema Bodywork, Bodynamics, Focusing, Rubenfeld Method, or Hellerwork. All are based on the mind-body unity.

Body Oriented Counseling Approach Benefits

My integration of a somatic influence in my Portland private therapy practice encourages you to:

  • Develop mind/body integration which reduces dissociation, and enhances the experience of being fully alive
  • Become more grounded in your body which enables greater competence in your dealing with life’s daily issues
  • Center you in your experience of your own body, feelings, and thoughts
  • Create boundaries that define you to yourself, your relationships, and the world
  • Contain overwhelming feelings to that they may be expressed appropriately
  • Strengthen your ego, your sense of and your experience of self
  • Restore the flow and pulsation of your life force which enhances your aliveness
  • Increase your capacity to tolerate greater charges of energy which enhances your capacity for pleasure
  • Discharge long-held feelings anger, fear, and pain
  • Develop greater capacity for feelings of love, trust, pleasure, and fulfillment
  • Increase your capacity for interpersonal contact and emotional intimacy

Body Oriented Therapy Principles

  • The body and mind are an interrelated unity.
  • Just as the mind affects the body, so too the body affects the mind.
  • Working with a body oriented approach provides different tools with which to promote personal growth and mental health.

A Video Message about Body-Oriented Therapy

Body-Oriented Therapy Counseling I Provide:

  • I offer individual therapy sessions and workshops with a body-oriented focus.
  • Some clients seek me out to work exclusively with a body-oriented counseling approach.
  • Other clients may seek me out for Focusing sessions.

My Training as a Body Oriented / Somatic Therapist

My credentials as a body oriented / somatic practitioner include two trainings. I am certified as a Radix practitioner. I am also certified as Focusing teacher.

Somatic Topics on My Website

Also, you may want to explore these other body oriented therapy discussions on my website: somatic counseling frequently asked questions and Portland Focusing and Focusing Training.

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