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Focusing – A Way to “Listen” Within

Focusing Portland, Oregon

In this busy world which is so outwardly directed, the importance of turning within to listen more closely to and work with your own inner process is overlooked.

Focusing is a self-help skill whereby you turn your attention inwards, and engage your inner process. In presence you sense the whole of how you are feeling about situations or issues in your life.

Focusing is different from just thinking about your issues or getting in touch with feelings. It is a journey inwards when in presence you intimately engage your inner process.

Focusing can result in greater calm, wiser choices, and a deeper relationship with yourself, although of course this varies from client to client.

In my Portland therapy practice, I seamlessly integrate Focusing into my counseling sessions. Additionally, I offer individual Focusing sessions by telephone to persons across the country. On occasion I also formally give workshops and offer focusing teacher training.

Focusing’s Guiding Principle

The Focusing process is based on a radical philosophy of change: that there is no need to do anything to what you are feeling in order to experience change. Instead, change occurs naturally when, resting in presence, you turn your attention to the felt sense of your experience.

You experience the felt sense as a undefined, preverbal sense of “something”, like a quality, related to the issue upon which you are focusing. It is preverbal, because it lies at the very edge of your process between the known and yet to be know. As you engage it with curiosity, your process unfolds further into understanding.

Focusing Related Quote

“Development of skill in subjective searching is the primary means by which one can overcome the blocks to access to one’s own resources and thus deal most effectively with life concerns.”

~ James T. Bugental, Ph.D., noted humanistic psychotherapist

Focusing: How It Can Benefit You

Focusing has a great many uses. Wherever your life could benefit from listening more deeply to yourself, focusing can benefit. For example, people use it to:

    • make decisions
    • know what you really feel and want
    • get in touch with your life purpose
    • release your blocks to action
    • interpret dreams
    • clarify your personal values
    • deepen your journaling experience

    • release emotional burdens
    • transform your inner critic
    • nurture your self-esteem
    • learn to listen to and deepen your relationship with your self
    • become more present to your Self and your life

Simply put, the occasions to use this method of working within are as varied as are the occasions that would benefit from being more closely in touch with yourself.

Focusing: How Did It Originate?

Focusing was discovered by philosopher and therapist Eugene Gendlin of the University of Chicago who researched the question: "Why is therapy helpful for some people, but not others?"

Studying tapes of hundreds of therapy sessions, Gendlin discovered that: successful therapy clients experienced a vague, hard-to-describe inner awareness – a bodily "felt sense" about their problems. Gendlin also discovered that attending to this felt sense in specific ways proved to be a key component of successful therapy. He then developed Focusing as a method for how to teach this skill.

Since Gendlin’s discovery, Focusing has been integrated into numerous therapeutic modalities. Its practice has expanded beyond the therapy community. Now individuals practice Focusing by working alone, with partners, and in Changes groups.

Eugene Gendlin, Ph.D.

Focusing founder Gendlin

Focusing & My Portland Practice

  • Focusing is integrated in all of my counseling work
  • Individual sessions: I offer individual sessions by phone, Skype, Facetime, or in-peson. Clients bring to session concerns upon which they seek to work while being guided through an Focusing session.
  • I give trainings which can lead to certification with Inner Relationship Focusing and the Focusing Institute

Focusing – A Video Message

Focusing – A Video Message

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Focusing and My Portland Practice

Focusing – or turning inwards to accompany your experience as it unfolds – is integrated into all aspects of my counseling / therapy practice. However, some clients specifically seek me out to use focusing in one or more sessions to clarify personal issues.

I am also certified by the international Focusing Institute as a Focusing teacher, now and then I offer trainings in Focusing which can lead to your being certified as a Focusing teacher by the Focusing Institute.

For more information about trainings I may give, see the Events Calendar for any trainings which I currently may have scheduled. To be informed of future trainings, you may wish to subscribe to email notifications of trainings and workshops I give. To do so, you can use the blue “Subscribe” button above.

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