How to Turn Your Life Into a Success – A Day by Day Review of Whole Person Counseling

Whole Person Counseling has been founded in 2021 by Mike. He’s is well known for his passion for helping people and his ability to provide a forum for people to express their feelings and their problems. After assisting hundreds of people with different kinds of personal issues, he realized that people needed a place to go if they needed help with something as important as this.

The first location of Whole Person Counseling was in San Francisco, California. The results showed that of the over two hundred and fifty people that came for the first time, over half had a major change in their lives. People began coming to the workshops not only because of the work that Mike did for them, but because of his contagious enthusiasm about us and our capacity to make a difference in people’s lives. From the very first workshop participants were able to see the connection between their personality, their behavior, and how their behavior impacts others. Their realization that they could make a difference and feel a part of what they were seeing and feeling changed their entire life.

“I learned that from the moment I walked into the first Whole Person Counseling class,” recalled Jackels. “The transformation was immediate and profound. My outlook on life was totally transformed.” Jackels went on to say, “Now when I look back on my career, it’s obvious that the biggest changes were in how I dealt with people and how I responded to situations-especially challenging situations-and in how I managed my resources (which include money, energy, time, friends, and connections).

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