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Meditation Training – Portland Oregon

~ A Meditation Analogy ~

Imagine standing beside a small pond. You take a stick, and start to rapidly swirl the water with it. As you continue, the water becomes increasingly cloudy until you can’t see the pond bottom. Remove the stick, and the water gradually clears until you can see the bottom. Your mind is like the clouded water, ceaselessly stirred by thoughts. Remove the stick of thought, and you can peer into the depths of your True Nature.


More and more persons are interested in meditation, whether inspired by Eastern spiritual traditions or the contemporary discoveries of meditation’s benefits by scientists.

If you are seeking meditation training, it’s important to understand that there are different reasons why people meditate, and different meditation methods to correspond with those reasons.

For millennia, meditation has been considered a doorway to spiritual realization. Yet research has demonstrated meditation to be effective for relaxation, stress relief (measured by a the reduction of a variety of biological markers), and creativity. The extent to which you realize any of these objectives varies according to the diligence of your practice.

Meditation Methods that I Teach

As an aspect of my transpersonal therapy and counseling practice, I offer meditation training. The methods which I teach include:

  • Mindfulness meditation – This form, also known as insight or vipassana meditation, was originated by the Buddha. Over the past five decades this meditation technique has become more widely known to Westerners, thanks to such teachers as Jack Kornfield. The widely-understood term “mindfulness” an experience of presence wherein one is not identified with her thoughts, feelings, sensations and perceptions, originates from this tradition.
  • Concentrative meditation – This meditation technique resembles what people commonly imagine when they think of meditation. Staring at a candle, concentrating on the breath, the tip of the nose, etc. There are innumerable objects which can be used as an object of concentration.
  • Creative meditation – Modern research in personal creativity had discovered a fairly uniform protocol for how to generate creativity with regard to a given subject. This has been formalized as a meditation form.
  • Nondual meditation or nonmeditation – The nondual approach to spiritual realization has only recently become more popular in the West thanks to such teachers as Peter Fenner, Adyashanti, and Rupert Spira. This “form” is not so much a method of meditation as it is a relaxing into your True Nature.

Meditation and “Monkey Mind”

Portland meditation classes, meditation groups, meditation training Almost all persons new to meditation are initially discouraged by the experience of “monkey mind” – the mind’s ceaseless activity and distraction. Discouraged by monkey mind, many persons believe themselves unable to meditate, and they stop.

But even the great masters of meditation, even they began with the very same monkey mind. Monkey mind simply is the initial condition of a mind unused to disciplined focus. For those who seek to harvest the riches of meditation, it’s important simply to persist, and the monkey will be tamed.

Persistence has its rewards. Brain scan research notes that meditating about 45 minutes a day can in as little as 8 weeks result in physical changes to the brain which favor calm, Everyone who enjoys the fruits of meditation has worked through the inescapable first “monkey mind” stage. Your results as a meditator will depend upon on the consistency and duration of your efforts.

Meditation and My Services

  • I teach meditation through workshops, classes, groups, and individual sessions.
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Meditation Training Qualifications

My own experience in meditation includes my having practiced different meditation forms for more than 45 years. I have also been a scholar of meditation research with a paper published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Transpersonal Psychology.

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