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Portland Nondual Coaching and Mentoring

Different spiritual traditions refer to a spiritual experience which is the culmination of the spiritual path. Some refer to that experience as enlightenment. Others refer to Self realization, illumination, or the nondual.

Persons typically understand that the path to illumination requires practicing various spiritual disciplines such as meditation. Given sufficient effort, refinement of character, and purity of motive, the spiritual seeker may with grace be delivered to realization. Such efforts are considered the “gradual” path.

Yet unknown to most persons these spiritual traditions also teach esoteric or hidden “direct” paths to enlightenment. Traditionally, these have been reserved for qualified seekers. Thus for example, within Buddhism there is Ati Yoga, Mahamudra, Zen, and Dzogchen. In Hinduism there is Advaita Vedanta. In Christianity, gnosis.

Nondual Awakening: The Direct Path

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The direct paths begin by directly introducing the seeker to the experience of the nondual ground of Being (“enlightenment”) by means of “pointing” instructions. Further instruction seeks to stabilize the practitioner in the experience, develop its purity, and foster its duration.

“Nondual” means “not two”. The term refers to the inherent nature of the ground of Being, the true nature of reality to which one can awaken. The nondual experience has been called, “Buddha mind,” “no mind”, “Christ consciousness”, etc.

Nondual experiencing is not a state of consciousness. States such as bliss come and go in awareness. The nondual is not a “thing”, for it is absent of qualities. Yet it is experienced as intrinsically aware and self-existing. It transcends thought. It cannot be described in words. Therefore Taoism declares, “The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao.” Yet words can “point” to the experience. One “pointer” phrase is that the nondual is not different from “ordinary awareness” which underlies all experience.

Nondualism Comes to the West

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There is an ancient Tibetan prophecy which reads in part, “When the iron bird flies, and horses run on wheels, the Dharma will come to the land of the Red Man.”

Over the past several decades Westerners have become increasingly interested in Eastern spiritual approaches. More recently there has been a growing interest in the nondual as taught, for example, by the Ramana Marharshi (above left), Nisagardatta Maharaj (right), Krishnamurti, etc.

With the West’s awakening to nondualism, it is natural that there have risen Western teachers who are able to point to the nondual experience independent of Eastern language and symbolism. Teachers such as Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, Rupert Spira, Peter Fenner, Jean Klein, Lucille Francis, Gangaji, Mooji, among many, many others are introducing nondual experience to the West.

Nondualism Pointers

  • What can be said about the nondual experience ultimately is not true, and yet can be useful as a pointer.
  • “It” is like space, empty, resisting nothing, containing all.
  • “It” is like a mirror, reflecting all without preference, still untouched.

The Nondual Perspective

  • Although thoughts, feelings, sensations, and experiences ceaselessly change each and every day since your birth, what is it that contains all that, yet does not change, and never ceases?
  • To answer, “awareness” is to make it into something. Yet “it” which knowingly experiences is empty of substance, location, and boundary.

Nondualism & My Practice

  • I coach nondualism through workshops, classes, groups, and individual instruction.
  • For currently scheduled Portland events offered by me, see Events.

Portland Nondual Coaching – My Practice

Portland nondual non-dual coachingBecause of such fine teachers, I and many others have been introduced to nondual experience. Among us, some like myself have felt called to coach others to nondual experience.

For more than four decades, I have studied and practiced diverse spiritual teachings. They include Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, esoteric, Taoist, Sufi, Advaita, non-dualism, and the Diamond Approach paths. Those who have introduced me nondual experience include: Peter Fenner, Rupert Spira, Jean Klein, the Nisagardatta Maharaj, and A. H. Almaas.

I coach nondual experience both individually and in groups. My method of teaching is to point my clients directly to their own experiencing. Discourse, lectures are unnecessary. Within the stream of their own experiencing is found that for which they are looking.

My one-on-one nondual coaching introduces clients to the nondual. Also it encourages the development of the purity, depth, and duration of the nondual “experience”. Clients and anyone are welcome to attend my meditation group for ongoing support.

Nondual Meditation / Reading Group

As a support to the Portland nondual community, I also host a nondual meditation and reading group for the public. For information about the group, please see Portland nondual meditation group,

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