Physical therapy and training physiology are two of the most integral parts of the practice of sport and physical education. Both involve the study of the human body and how it functions in health and injury prevention, rehabilitation, and management. In addition, both fields involve the application of knowledge and skills related to assessment, diagnosis, and effective treatment of athletic injuries, acute care, geriatric, neurological, orthopedic, and physiotherapy conditions.

A qualified physical therapist will have a Master’s degree specializing in the practice of physical therapy and typically holds an MSW, MSN, or PT certification as a professional. The most common areas of study for physical therapists are pediatric, geriatric, neurological, and orthopedic. Because many physical therapy and training courses include counseling components, there are also counselors available to instruct and counsel those who have completed their courses. Counselors are generally employed by sports teams, clinics, hospitals, and other health care facilities. Physical therapy and training physiology students can take courses at a traditional campus or online, but more students are enrolling at online schools to earn their degrees and learn the skills needed to be successful counselors.

Although there are counselors who work solely in the field of physical therapy and coaching, the advancement of technology has allowed for the creation of online programs that provide comprehensive counseling in a convenient, engaging format. These programs make it possible to study a career that requires no campus placement and can be completed entirely on your own time. Students who complete these online counseling courses are often able to complete them in as little as twelve months, allowing them to advance in their chosen field without having to take the time-consuming, costly route of campus placement. For this reason, counseling courses are a great investment for anyone looking to increase their credentials in their chosen career. For physical therapy and training career seekers, online counseling is a good option if you prefer to learn more about a career without having to spend the time and money associated with a campus placement.