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Transpersonal (Spiritual) Counseling
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Transpersonal counseling concerns those issues related to the spiritual dimension of our lives. Such spiritual counseling helps clients to explore, develop, and experience their true nature.

Transpersonal Counseling Therapy Assumptions

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Transpersonal counseling differs significantly from traditional counseling in its assumptions about human nature. Some of the assumptions of my work as a spiritual counselor include:

The existence of a spiritual nature – Within each of us there is a spiritual nature.

Our transpersonal nature is knowable – We can know, verify, experience, and develop this nature in this very life.

All spiritual paths are valid. – The infinity of Being expresses itself through all known and yet-to-be-known approaches to the sacred while favoring none.

Human development includes spiritual development – Our development as persons is incomplete, until we integrate the deeper dimension of Being into our daily life.

Conscious development is possible – As known to spiritual paths throughout time, techniques exist which enable you to consciously discover, develop, and integrate the dimension of Being.

These assumptions are not beliefs; rather they are conclusions derived from thousands of years of contemplative practices and also contemporary Western scientific research.

Transpersonal Counseling Therapy Differs from a Spiritual Path or Practice

Often, we misunderstand what a “spiritual path” is. We think a path is a practice, a doctrine, a spiritual school, order, religion – something “other” that must be found, and adhered to.

But as ancient wisdom says, “before a man can tread the path he must become that Path himself.” That is, you, your unfolding psycho-spiritual process is itself the Path.

So, spiritual counseling is not a spiritual path. However, it can be an aid to the unfolding of your own path to realization.

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Transpersonal Counseling Therapy Issues

Let me share with you some examples of the kinds of issues my spiritual counseling clients present:

  • A client struggles with the apparent meaningless and emptiness of life, and wonders whether there is anything more to life than consumerism.
  • Another client senses there is something more to spiritual life than conventional religion, and he wants to explore different spiritual options in a safe place.
  • Another disillusioned client leaves her spiritual school, and she experiences a crisis of faith for all things “spiritual.”
  • A client experiences a new type of spiritual emergency. Alarmed and confused, she seeks guidance about how to make sense of and integrate it.
  • Still another client has discovers the importance of mindfully being present in everyday life, and he seeks guidance and instruction in mindfulness techniques.
  • Another client has misunderstood the spiritual path to be a practice of realizing and idealized self-image, and now he yearns to rediscover his humanity.
  • A client wants to learn how to mediate, or be introduced to nondual experience – whether by private session or in a class I teach.
  • Another client struggles with her spiritual superego, and desperately seeks help with how to live free of her inner critic.
  • Another seeks to learn to listen to, dialogue with, and experience the deeper spiritual self, and so wants to be taught about Presence and Focusing.

These are examples of just some of the many issues that my transpersonal counseling clients share with me in session. You’ll notice that each of these issues concern the spiritual dimension of life, and so they are appropriate to this counseling approach.

The Transpersonal in my Counseling Practice

  • In addition to transpersonal counseling, I offer spiritual direction, meditation training, and nondual coaching.
  • I offer individual sessions, groups, classes, and workshops pertaining to the transpersonal.
  • See “Events” in the above menu for a list of events which I currently offer.

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Video Introducing My Transpersonal Practices

My Background in Transpersonal Therapy

In addition to my having been trained in a variety of therapy modalities, I have explored transpersonal topics and practices for more than 45 years. Over the years, my personal paths have included esotericism, Taoism, Theravadin and Mahayana Buddhism, the Diamond Approach, and nondualism. My writing on transpersonal topics have been included in book, magazine, and peer-reviewed journal formats.

Other Transpersonal Topics on My Website

Also you may want to use these following links to explore other transpersonal topics on my website: spiritual direction counseling, meditation training, nondual coaching, Identification Exercise/Meditation, and presence. If you are interested in some recommendations for books to read about spiritual matters, see: Resources.

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